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Providing local drugs to quarantine individuals after successful outcomes

Providing local drugs to quarantine individuals after successful outcomes

Following successful results, the Covid Task Force in Sri Lanka was established for quarantined persons.

Preventing the spread of coronavirus around the world is currently in a very difficult situation. This is because the virus has rapidly invaded the world. Various drugs have been developed for this purpose, but none of them have been 100% successful. Therefore, there is a tendency to use Ayurvedic medicine to control this rapidly spreading virus.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defense Staff, Commander of the Army, and Head of the National Operations Center took steps to control the Coronavirus in an ayurvedic company, Vishwerka (Pvt) Ltd. As a first step, 800 bottles of “Lifeguard Antiviral Herbs” were donated for distribution to quarantine workers at the “Meth Sanda Sevana” apartment in Colombo 15 to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result of extensive research by the manufacturers, it is believed that this herbal decoction will be able to destroy viruses and protect users from potential infections.

On the morning of November 31, the Commanding Officer of the 14th Division, Major General Thilak Hangilipola, handed over the distribution to the 14th Division by the Director-General of Operations, Harendra Ranasinghe. Major E.M.S.K. Ekanayake, Commanding Officer, 14th Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, and members of the 14th VIR and Modera Police distributed containers to the detainees.